Setting global Flatlake configuration

Flatlake supports configuration via any of:

Additionally, some options can be provided as CLI flags or environment variables.

#Top-level options


The location of your source files.

CLI Flag ENV Variable Config Key
--source <PATH> FLATLAKE_SOURCE source


The location Flatlake should write your output files. Defaults to api.

CLI Flag ENV Variable Config Key
--dest <PATH> FLATLAKE_DEST dest


Print verbose logging while generating files. Does not affect the contents of the output files.

CLI Flag ENV Variable Config Key
--verbose FLATLAKE_VERBOSE verbose


Writes logs to the given logfile, in addition to the console. Replaces the file on each run.

CLI Flag ENV Variable Config Key
--logfile <PATH> FLATLAKE_LOGFILE logfile

#Global defaults

#Page size

Configure the default page size for all paginated endpoints.
Defaults to 100. A value of 0 will output all items on the first page.

Config Key
  page_size: 50

#Sort key

Configure the default front matter key which is used to sort items.

Config Key
  sort_key: date

#Sort direction

Configure which direction to sort items in. Must be asc or desc.

Config Key
  sort_direction: desc


Globally define what endpoints should be created. Affects the site-wide list and aggregate endpoints, and also acts as the default value for collections that do not specify their own outputs.

Available endpoints are:

Endpoint Description
single Creates an individual JSON endpoint for every file
list Creates paginated endpoints at /all/page-[number].json and [collection]/all/page-[number].json
aggregate Creates aggregation endpoints at /aggregate/[key]/[value]/page-[number].json and [collection]/aggregate/[key]/[value]/page-[number].json

All endpoints are enabled by default. Specifying a list here will limit the output to those specified.

    - "single"
    - "aggregate"

#Collection configuration

The collections key in your config will contain a list of collections for Flatlake to process.
See Setting up collections for all options.

Config Key